Mit Europa im Kontakt: Glyphosat

Wenn man sich in Sachen „Glyphosat“ an die Europäische Kommission wendet, bekommt man folgende Antwort (schaut doch mal, ob sie für Euch nützlich ist):

„… We thank you for your interest in the European legislative process with regard to the renewal of the authorisation of the use of the herbicide substance glyphosate.

We would inform you that the vote on the resolution took place in the plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday 13 April 2016.  In the non-binding EP resolution on renewing the approval of the active substance glyphosate adopted the same day, the Parliament called on the Commission to renew the EU market approval for glyphosate for another 7 years only instead of 15 as originally proposed, and for professional uses only. National experts sitting in the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (Phytopharmaceuticals Section) will vote to adopt or reject the Commission proposal by qualified majority in May. If there is no such majority, it will be up to the European Commission to decide. Please consult the EP press release  for further information, as well as the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety’s press release of 22 March 2016.

Furthermore, the use of this herbicide has been the subject of recent parliamentary questions: inter alia E-001866-16 on 1 March 2016 enquiring about the Commission’s intention to renew this authorisation and E-001668-16 on 25 February 2016 enquiring which actions the Commission plans to take to safeguard the health and safety of EU consumers.

Relevant background documents on the risk assessment that has been carried out by the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) are available on the EFSA website, as well as their press release of 12 November 2015 which conveys the conclusions of that assessment.

For enquiries regarding the work of the European Commission in this matter, you may contact the European Commission directly. …“

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